Verity Fairy and Sleeping Beauty

Verity must find a prince to wake Princess Rosamund from the deepest sleep. Can Verity learn the true nature of friendship, make peace with Nissa, and save the princess?

Verity Fairy and Snow White

Verity is tasked with protecting Snow White. First, she must take on the voice of the magic mirror. But can she remember it's sometimes best to say nothing - and save Snow White from the Wicked Queen's clutches?

Verity Fairy and Rapunzel

The Queen of the Fairies has asked Verity to keep Rapunzel company and they become good friends. But when Verity accidentally angers the Wicked Witch who is keeping Rapunzel prisoner, Verity needs to come up with an escape plan - and fast!

Verity Fairy and Cinderella

Verity is determined to make sure the forgetful Fairy Godmother gets Cinderella to the ball on time. As Cinderella dances the night away, will Verity be ready to ask for help so that her new friend can live happily ever after?

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