Interview with Tatiana, The Queen of the Fairies.

Question: How long have you been the Queen of the Fairies?

I have been Queen of the Fairies for a very, very, long time. In fact, it’s been so long I don’t really remember being anything other than a Queen of the Fairies.

Question: What do you do?

I’m in charge of all the fairies. I make sure they are not only safe and happy, but I give them tasks to do, to make sure that everyone else in the Fairy Tale Kingdom is safe and happy as well. The tasks can be anything from saving Snow White from the Wicked Queen to helping the Gingerbread man clean his house or helping the Fairy Godmother find her glasses.

Question: What’s the best part about being Queen?

I’m lucky because I have such wonderful fairies that help me with all the tasks we have in the Fairy-Tale Kingdom. I really enjoy our ceremonies each month where I award the fairy who has worked the hardest with a magical star. I also really enjoy the longest day of the year; we have a big party and make a wish at midnight.

Question: What hobbies do you have?

I have quite few hobbies. I enjoy making jewellery, sewing, making clothes (I made my cloak). I also enjoy drawing and painting and gardening.

Question: Who do you like most in the Fairy-Tale Kingdom?

I like everyone the same, even the Wicked Queen – she doesn’t mean to be wicked. Although I do enjoy spending time with the Fairy Godmother. She likes making food for me and she has lots of interesting hobbies like pickling pumpkins and learning judo. She’s lovely.

Question: Who do you think will be the next Queen of the Fairies?

Hopefully that won’t happen for a very long time so I don’t think I would like to say.

Question: Do you think it could be Verity?

I think ALL my fairies could be the next Queen. They are all wonderful.