Interview with Verity

Question: What’s your house like?

I love where I live. It’s next door to my best friend (Celeste) and we can see each other whenever we want. My house is perfect. I have a bedroom, a kitchen, sitting room and my garden has lots of flowers and strawberry plants.

Question: What’s your favourite room?

Hmm…. I would say it’s…. the garden – no wait, the kitchen! It’s where I make cup-cakes and marshmallows and jelly and custard. Oh, and chocolate - yummy!!!

Question: Who would you most like to be like in the Fairy-Tale Kingdom?

Ooh there’s so much choice! I would like to be as kind as Snow White, have long hair like Rapunzel and beautiful dresses like Cinderella. Although I do like my rainbow-coloured skirt and my pink hair and Celeste says I’m kind so I think I would like to be like…!

Question: What’s the best present you have ever had?

I’m so lucky because I have had lots of presents such as a marshmallow cake in the shape of Prince Charming’s castle, a special party mask, rainbow slippers and much more. But the present that I love the most is the one Celeste made for me, a skipping-rope made from daisies. It took her weeks and weeks to make. It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Question: What’s your favourite day of the year?

Christmas! No, Halloween! No, Easter…oh I can’t decide. Fairies don’t have birthdays, but we do have other party days and I really like the longest day of the year because we stay up VERY late! I also really enjoy sports day at Fairy School – the flying race is my favourite, I’m very fast. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t but flying as fast as I can is so much fun.

Question: Which would you like more, to earn a rare lilac sparkly star or have your photo in your favourite magazine, Sparkle Time?

Ooh….win the star! No, be in Sparkle Time! Win the star! No, be in Sparkle Time! Win the star! No, be in Sparkle Time!…..

Thank you, Verity, just come back to us when you’ve made up your mind.